Mount Manhattan

from by Storms



‘Mutual assured destruction’ is a theory which states that two opposing sides will not go into a full-scale nuclear war because the result of the conflict would be total annihilation of both sides. I don’t know what scares me more; the fact that countries that have nuclear weapon capability rely on a strategy of ‘keeping their fingers crossed’, and are hoping that the other side will be reasonable enough not to fire back (because that would mean the end of all life on earth), or that ‘Mutual assured destruction’ theory actually works and the only thing that is preventing a full scale global war is the fact that everybody has their finger on the kill switch.


from We Are Storms, released September 12, 2011




Storms Zagreb, Croatia

Storms is an instrumental rock / post-rock band that formed in Zagreb, Croatia in early 2009. The band rose from groups such as Don’t Mess With Texas, Amok, Nikad, Radio Free Isaac and Lunar, among many other Croatian indie/hardcore/punk bands.

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